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SEMICON Europa | World Precision creating a better world with excellent intelligence

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On November 14, SEMICON Europa 2023 kicked off at the New International Expo Center in Munich, Germany.Mr. Ren Xiangyang, President of World Precision, led the team and showed up at booth B2921 with full-process precision parts processing and assembly solutions.Warmly welcome customers and professional audiences from all over the world to communicate and cooperate.



At the exhibition site, World Precision exhibited a series of precision components, sheet metal parts, modules and other exhibits. It demonstrates World Precision’s industry-leading machining and assembly capabilities, attracting international customers for consultation.

Although the world economy has not recovered from the cold winter, World Precision is still confident. In the field of precision parts processing and assembly, World Precision is willing to use the highest enthusiasm and sincerity to work hand in hand with global customers to achieve win-win cooperation and contribute to the establishment of a global economic community.




The excitement continues, World Precision sincerely invites you to visit booth B2921. Jointly discuss and exchange cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the industry.

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