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2023 Hannover Messe, a first look at the wonderful booth of World Precision

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From April 17th to 21st, the 2023 Hannover Messe will be held at the Hannover International Exhibition Center. World Precision participated in the exhibition with full-process precision parts processing and assembly solutions , communicated with other friends and professional visitors on the same stage, and witnessed the grand event of the industry together.


Hall 4 F60-6

At the exhibition site , World Precision exhibited precision parts, sheet metal parts, modules and other exhibits. It demonstrates the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing in the European and even global markets Gained wide attention from all walks of life in the world.


During the exhibition, many overseas buyers

stopped at the World Precision booth to communicate and dialogue

World Precision represents the cutting-edge processing capabilities of the industry
Has been highly recognized by many buyers

▲Dongguan Municipal Government delegation visited World Precision's booth for exchange


The industry has accumulated for more than 20 years, and World Precision has continued to cultivate in the main business fields such as precision parts processing, sheet metal processing, and module assembly.

World Precision has introduced hundreds of high-end CNC lathes from Germany and Japan. The processing equipment includes five-axis linkage high-precision CNC, turning and milling compound, horizontal machining center, four-axis linkage CNC, three-axis high-precision CNC, CNC lathe, and centering machine. , W/C wire walking and EDM high-precision CNC grinding machines, large CNC CNC, heat treatment equipment, etc.;

Possess high-precision processing capabilities in the whole process of turning, milling, grinding, boring, CNC, EDM, wire cutting, mold and fixture assembly, etc., We can realize one-stop high-precision processing and surface treatment of parts and components in the whole process, and meet customers' "multi-variety" Customized requirements for "small batch" and "small variety and large batch".

Exciting, not to be missed

There are more surprises to share with you at the exhibition site

We are at Hall4 F60-6 booth

Looking forward to your visit


20+ years of experience in Precision Machining / Sheet Metal Processing / Precision Module / OEM Modules manufacturing




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